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This Wakatobi leisure trip takes you to Southeast Sulawesi. Sulawesi is divided into five main provinces, namely South, Central, West, Southeast and North Sulawesi. While the customs, cultures, religions and languages differ, people still live in harmonious coexistence. Sulawesi has an outstanding natural beauty with a dramatic background of mountains and sea which, combined with their traditional customs, makes it a unique place to visit.

The reefs of Wakatobi are unlike others in the region because of the dry climate and the uplifted limestone. The Wakatobi area is a national park and the whole environment is exceptionally clean due to the lack of soil erosion. Fishing is strictly limited and the reefs are protected. The stunning reefs are supported and protected by the local fishing communities. They obtain a fair share of the income generated by the Wakatobi dive tourism in exchange for adopting more sustainable practices, such as leaving large stretches of reef completely untouched. Other contributions go towards education and local support for the marine park.

Seize the day and explore Wakatobi’s stunning underwater world during this 5-day trip!


Day 1: Wakatobi – Arrival (L.D)

  • Upon arrival at Matahora Airport, you are welcomed by our representative and transferred to your hotel for check-in and lunch.
  • After lunch, you drive to the village area of Bajo Mola, or commonly called Wakatobi. You visit the village where they cultivate seaweed and manufacture the Wakatobi woven sarongs.
  • In the afternoon, you return to the hotel for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 2: dolphin and snorkeling tour  (B.L.D)

  • Today you are picked up at 5 am to spot the dolphins in the waters around Wakatobi. You return to the hotel for breakfast afterwards.
  • After breakfast, you go snorkeling at Sombu Beach. Your lunch of grilled fish is served on the beach.
  • You can continue snorkeling until sunset.
  • Return to your hotel for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 3: Tomia Island tour (B.L.D )

  • After breakfast, you hop on a ferry to Tomio Island. Upon arrival, you check in at your hotel.
  • You go snorkeling until late in the afternoon. Today’s lunch is grilled fish.
  • Before you return to the hotel, you hike to Kahiangan, a village on top of the hill from where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset. The summit of Kahiangan is the shooting location of the movie “The Mirror Never Lies”.
  • After sunset, you return to Tomia for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 4: snorkeling tour (B.L.D)

  • In the early morning, you leave for Kaledupa Island. You check in at your bungalow before visiting the local Bajo tribe, who build their houses in the sea.
  • Afterwards, you return to your bungalow and go snorkeling with a small boat until sunset.
  • Return to the bungalow for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 5: Kaledupa Island – Wakatobi (B.L)

  • In the early morning, you depart on a 30-minute ferry ride to Wangi Wangi Island.
  • Upon arrival at Wangi Wangi Island, you drive to the Matahora Airport for you flight to your next destination.

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