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Sulawesi is divided into five main provinces, namely South, Central, West, Southeast and North Sulawesi. The different customs, culture, religion and language people still coexist in harmony. Sulawesi has a marvelous natural beauty, with a dramatic background of mountains and sea, which makes it a unique place to visit.

Tana Toraja is a regency of South Sulawesi in Indonesia, a picturesque mountainous region that is home to an indigenous group known as the Torajans.  For the Toraja people, life very much revolves around death, but not in a morbid sense. For them, a funeral is a great celebration of life and is an occasion in which the entire family of the deceased and all the members the village take part. Their ancient traditions involve funerary customs that have been practiced over many centuries and are known to be the world’s most complex funeral traditions. The Aluk Todolo belief system still governs everyday life, demonstrated by Toraja cosmology, ceremonies, settlement arrangement, houses, decorations, the role of water buffalo, and of course the funerary customs.

Join us on this 4-day trip and learn about the unique and intriguing Torajan culture.


Day 1: Makassar – Arrival (L.D)

  • Upon arrival at Makassar Airport, you are welcomed by our representative and transferred to your hotel in Makassar. Enjoy this city’s great atmosphere and beauty.
  • Lunch and dinner are served at a local seafood restaurant. Overnight stay is at a hotel in Makassar.

Day 2: Makassar – Toraja  (B.L.D)

  • After breakfast, you depart for a 9-hour drive to Tana Toraja, located in a mountainous region 600 to 700 m ASL.
  • Lunch is served at a seafood restaurant in Pare Pare. During the drive to Tana Toraja, you can admire the beautiful scenery and the typical houses of this region.
  • Upon arrival in Toraja, you check in at your hotel.

Day 3: Toraja Tour  (B.L.D )

  • Today you explore Toraja and its unique culture and traditions. First, you visit Lemo, the typical Torajan graves in the rocky mountains with effigies in front of the graves. According to Torajan history, these graves were made in the 17th century when the Torajan people began to use iron tools.
  • You continue your journey towards Suaya to see the baby graves. When a baby died before having its first tooth, it was buried in a big tree. Next stop is at Londa, a natural cave that is used as a grave.
  • Lunch is served at a local restaurant.
  • After lunch, you drive to Kete-Kesu, an old Torajan village with traditional houses and rice barns. This village is also well known for its handicraft.
  • Today’s last stop is at the Rantepao local market. You return to your hotel in the late afternoon.

Day 4: Toraja – Departure (B.L)

  • In the morning, you drive back to Makassar Airport, where you arrive in the late afternoon for your flight to your next destination.
  • Lunch is served in Pare Pare.


End of tour and service & Wishing you Selamat Jalan