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On arrival at the airport Sultan hasanuddin makassar, you are picked up by the tour guide, “Welcome to Sulawesi” then towards the Makassar city center at a distance of transport private transport AC. arrived in Makassar directly to the hotel and  after resting, invited for lunch / dinner. At local restaurant then back to hotel / rest.


After breakfast at the hotel, leaving  Makassar for Toraja with private transport AC Take approximately 8-9 Hours drive (328 kms). With curved winding streets are decorated by Indigenous housing of Bugis – Makassar background surrounding the limestone mountains and the green expanse of paddy fields which makes its own attractiveness. Lunch  prepared in Pare – pare, the second city after Makassar with various types of seafood. After lunch followed by a trip hike to the Toraja highlands,. During the trip participants can stop for Coffee / Tea Break in the Mountains of PUNCAK LAKAWAN with Enjoy The Beauty and The cool atmosphere Mountains. Evening / Afternoon arrive in toraja Land. and check in to the hotel.


After breakfast at hotel, full day tour in tana toraja with a view to the uniqueness culture and customs of toraja tribe with LEMO Village Visiting: A settlement and cemetery location above Mount Sculpture with ornate statues and sculptures in front of the cemetery land historically made since the beginning of Toraja 17th century, Toraja Society Since getting to know the tools of iron, then to the township cemetery SUAYA Somewhere Babies who have not grown teeth are placed in the holes big wooden tree. And after the meal prepared Lunch at local restaurant. Then proceed to the township tour in KETE-KESU’ which can be seen a row of houses Indigenous Toraja (Tongkonan) and a series of barns Rice Granary and Souvenir Making Typical Toraja center. And to the township LONDA a settlement contained a GUA / LIANG who Beginning Society toraja use as a burial place. Afternoon back to the hotel.


Morning after breakfast at hotel. Free at leisure and tour is continued to visiting some interesting places such : BORI PARINDING The Magalith Stone, PALLAWA Traditional Village with traditional houses.  and up to Batu Tumoga to see the Spectacular  Panorama at TINOMBAYO as well as Around Toraja area .if the weather is not cloud.Lunch is Provided at Local restaurant . Finding the torajan culture. Noon back to local market. Late afternoon return to hotel 


After breakfast at the hotel, leaving toraja towards Sorowako with the private transport Ac, take approximately  5 – 6 Hours  drive, with the  curved road ,but still exciting with beautiful scenery that can be seen during the trip. Arrive in Sorowako directly to the hotel.


After breakfast at hotel, full day tour in Sorako, by visiting MATANO LAKE an deepest lake in Southeast Asia the world number six, and TOWUTI LAKE  the largest lake after Lake Toba in northern Sumatra.  Proceed to PULAU KUCING  is a cluster of coral islands located in LAKE TONDANO that looks like a cat to use a Raft / Boat to travel for 45 minutes. We can enjoy the tranquility around the island by swimming, kayaking, and snorkeling to see the coral clusters of white. Then proceed to WATERFALL MATABUNTU the same beauty we see images on Clender, which is the waterfalls are terraced water flow system that will not run if at climbing. About six step only the highest that can be achieved, and water conditions are also abundant and has a pool so we can swim well. It is hidden among the woods that led to the waterfall is still natural and amazingly fresh. Afterwards proceed to PANTAI IDE which is the most beach visitors in Sorowako which is a forked branch dock along 100 meters prodding directly into Lake Matano so we could swim at a depth or water sports such as snorkeling at the beach, kayaking, wind surfing . Afternoon return to Lake Matano to witness the beauty of Sunset and then back to the hotel.


After breakfast at hotel, the tour continues with a visit in the town Sorowako BUKIT BUTOH or commonly known by the locals with the name of the POCI where we can watch the whole scene  of sorowako  of heights, ranging from housing to the expanse of Matano Lake  own, and pretty trekking for one hours to reach the top of the Bukit Butoh and the most appropriate moment to visit is at dawn then we can shoot the plane Takeoff every morning at half past seven. Continued to BORA BORA springs Matano villages where there is a pool that is the fountain of Lake Matano. Custom made when visiting this spring, is say the word … Bora Bora. Bora is believed to create a bubble of water in the pond.  Then  WALLACEA SAWEREGADING It MINING PARK that has a collection of distinctive local car collection operator which is commonly used mining company Vale Indonesia. Here, as much we can take pictures, and also can see a typical Endangered Species animal Sulawesi “ANOA” is maintained and is an icon of the emblem PT. INCO. Tbk. afternoon back to the hotel. /


After breakfast at the hotel, leaving Sorako toward to Sengkang area as etchnic Buginese    for overnight stay. Arrive in Sengkang directly to the hotel /


After breakfast at the hotel, leaving  Sengkang for the airport, with route different path. In the road, the participants can stop for a moment at the Bath Nature Bantimurung is so beautiful  Water fall  and various shades of colors that can be viewed butterfly  or purchased as souvenirs. Prepared lunch at local restaurant and once was to the airport for flight  to your next destination


End of tour and service