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This 5-day Kapoposang diving tour takes you to South Sulawesi. Sulawesi is divided into five main provinces, namely South, Central, West, Southeast and North Sulawesi. The different customs, culture, religion and language people still coexist in harmony. Sulawesi has a marvelous natural beauty, with a dramatic background of mountains and sea, which makes it a unique place to visit.

Kapoposang Island is one of the largest of the Spermonde Islands, around 70 km northwest of Makassar in South Sulawesi. Kapoposang covers an area of approximately 50,000 hectares and is inhabited by around 100 families. There are several other islands, both inhabited and uninhabited, located near Kapoposang Island. The larger ones include Papandangan, Kondongbali, Suranti and Tambakulu. Kapoposang and the nearby islands were declared a Nature Tourism Park by the Department of Forestry in 1999.

As you approach Kapoposang Island, you can not help but notice the pristine deep blue water, which suddenly meets an expanse of coral reefs. Seagrass grows lushly near the shore. The seabed at Kapoposang has a unique composition; there are some shallow areas close to the island, but a bit further there are steep underwater cliffs leading to seemingly endless depths. The water is extremely clear; you can expect underwater visibility of over 15 meters – ideal conditions for divers. These islands have a rich biodiversity, such as the clownfish, anemones, nudibranch, sharks, dolphins, colorful reefs and last but not least: a WWII ship wreck.

This 5-day diving tour is a great opportunity to explore Kapoposang Island’s stunning underwater world.


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